Gavin Turk exhibition at the Newport Street Gallery

Another group post expressing our thoughts on Gavin Turk exhibition at the Newport Street Gallery…

Angelica:  The Gavin Turk’s Who What When Where How & Why exhibition at the Newport Street Gallery feels like a mixture of the modern (as seen in Gallery 6: Detritus), the 1960s (as seen in Gallery 4: Sneer, including his 2011 “Pep Diptych piece”), and some kind of attempt to push towards some future form of art (Gallery 5: a room of figures, which included mechanised sculptures, sound and sporadic spurts of water over hiss 2012 piece ”Self Portrait (Fountain)”).

Spanning over twenty-six years of the artist’s career and features over seventy works, the collection seemed to focus on taking mundane, everyday objects and making them speak to the viewer in new ways by presenting them in new fashions and spaces, as well as presenting the viewer with a bombardment of ideas and images.

The exhibition left me meditating on the title of the piece:

Who is the exhibition aimed at? What demographic? Long time fans of the artist, or people who are new to his work?

What is the curator of this exhibition trying to do? Is it a celebration of his work, or are their wider political and ideological statements being made surrounding the art?

When does an artist begin to feel less modern and more historical and dated? How do we define modern art in a time when change is so rapid, and the styles of art being explored so wide?

Where else could this exhibition been presented to add to the effect, or to give the exhibition a new meaning and/or tone? Perhaps a grungy warehouse? How would that change the viewers perceptions of the pieces?

How did the exhibition make you feel – please comment below your thoughts, and if you haven’t seen it yet then go, and then comment your thoughts.

Why celebrate his work now, why not in 5 or 10 years? or alongside artists of similar styles?

Please feel free to comment below with your proposed answers to my questions.

Claire: Keep an eye on this post and my review will be added soon!

Sophia: Keep an eye on this post and my review will be added soon!

Jessica: Keep an eye on this post and my review will be added soon!


You can see more information about the gallery and exhibition at the following link:

To hear Gavin Turk’s view on art check-out the following interview, it may give you a new perspective on his work:


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