Introducing Ourselves…


We are four enthusiastic writers, readers, and watchers of a wide array of art forms. If we were to tell you in one word what you will get from this blog it is: diversity. In both our views, the topics we cover, and our styles of presentation.

We hope you enjoy! 

Now to tell you a little more about us as individuals…


I’m am an avid lover of all kinds of arts, although my passion undoubtably lies in theatre. I went to the Royal Academy of Arts to train as an actor with the intention of working for the RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company), before realising my passion lay in the writing, not the acting. Although I still haven’t relinquished my love of Shakespeare.

I went on to do a BA in English Literature and Drama at Queen Mary’s University in London. I hope to go on to become a journalist after I graduate.

I have had the privilege of speaking with some of the best journalists in the world, at companies such as the BBC, The Times, Al Arabiya, Gulf News, and The New York Times, and I hope to use this blog to improve my writing and investigative skills to one day be one of the greats. I intend to fill this blog with my thought, feelings, and speculations on the world of theatre and art, and the wonderful ways it is developing through the use of technology and new techniques, as well as writing a few reviews.




Hi, I’m claire and I am 33 years old. I was born in Hereford, England, my father is English and my mother is Scottish. My mother took me to Scotland and I grew up there until I was 16 years old. Leaving Dundee for Edinburgh then heading of to Alabama for a year and a half with my mother and step dad and younger sister Rachel. We came back to the UK and relocated to London and me, I left home and moved up to Edinburgh where I lived for 7 years before returning to London again. I was 24 and decided to do the access course into higher education. And now I’m at Queen Mary University. I have enjoyed this academic journey, developing my analytical and reading skills. I love socialising, meeting people. I currently live in Camden as I’ve made lots of friends. My local haunt is the Hawley Arms and The Elephants Head and now The Old Crown in Highgate. I also love walking in the park and jogging in Regents Park but only in the summertime when the weather is good. I am a member of a gym and I try to go there often! I love food. All food from all over the world. I love music, I can sing and play the guitar a little. And I love watching films. I’m a movie buff. 100%!!!!! I also love theatre but not musicals. The only musicals I like and enjoy are on film, Evita, Moulin Rouge, Grease. My favourite director is Tarantino. Pulp fiction, Kill Bill, True Romance. I love Britsh Indie Films. Anna Friel is my favourite British actress. All of her movies are good. Me without you is my favourite one because it reminds me of my childhood friend. I recently hosted a music event and decided to call myself Bluedolly. I love country music. Pistol Annie’s, The Dixie Chicks, Ashley Monroe and Miranda Lambert are my favourites not forgetting Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash. I do listen to many different genres. Amsterdam, I’ve been there three times and it’s my second home I feel next to London because the people are so friendly. I love cycling and do this there and in London. My plan is to go to America again and I love writing poetry.




My interests lie in both English and Drama. I enjoy creative writing including writing short stories, theatre plays and artistic reviews… not poetry though! I have made it my mission to continually visit different art galleries, museums and theatres in and around London, just for fun. Theatre in particular engages me the most because there is nothing better than walking into a show, not knowing what to expect and leaving with a bubbling excitement. Of course this is not always the case, but the element of surprise and audience atmosphere that comes from theatre, is incomparable.



I’m an art lover who wishes she could paint. Feminist, book lover and allergic to every kind of animal I love, I look for any form of art that fills my heart and makes me feel something.


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